You asked: What makes a stator go bad on motorcycle?

To answer why stators fail, it is because the coating on the windings breaks down, usually because of heat, causing a short which can also burn the fine wire of the winding in two at the short causing an open circuit. The way to prevent failures is to prevent the heat.

What causes a stator to go bad?

There are a few things that may cause a stator to fail. Too heavy of a load when operating accessories (winch,heated grips,headlights, etc). If working several of these items at one time (plowing/pulling/possibly stuck at night) you would overload the system. This could cause either the stator or rectifier to fry.

How do I know if my motorcycle stator is bad?

Insert each probe into a stator socket. You should read around 0.2 to 0.5 ohms. If you show an open circuit with the “Open” or infinity reading or have higher resistance, then the stator is bad and you must replace it. If these tests all produce positive results, then the stator itself is good.

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Can a stator go bad from sitting?

Stators do not go bad from sitting unless the mag housing is full of water.

Can a bad stator damage a rectifier?

Registered. To answer your question yes it can, there are three diodes(phases) within the rectifier that allow current to go in one direction through the device (ie. Stator > Rectifier > Battery). But will not allow currrent to flow in the opposite direction.

What are the signs of a bad stator?

The stator coil generates the power for the spark plug and other accessories on small engines Without a stator there would be no spark at all, meaning the engine won’t run. While a stator is dying, it can produce a weak spark, causing the engine to miss or run poorly. Symptoms are often worsened as the engine warms up.

Can a bad battery ruin a stator?

It is possible, especially if the battery has been boiled dry (the plates WILL warp and short). Even a non shorted bad battery (one that draws too much charging current) can fail a stator, especially an old one.

Will a motorcycle start with a bad Rectifier?

The rectifier is part of the charging system. If you put a freshly charged battery in your motorcycle, and you have a bad rectifier, it won’t stop your motorcycle from starting, but your battery wouldn’t stay charged. The regulator/rectifier on your motorcycle performs two functions.

How much does it cost to replace a motorcycle stator?

The R/R and stator are indeed about $150 each ($152 and $158, plus tax comes to about $330), plus the gasket for the stator cover.

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How long does it take to replace a stator?

You should be able to get in and out under 3 hours.

What happens if a stator gets wet?

Inside the induction motor are tightly wound coils of copper wire, called a ‘stator’. … What happens if water gets into the stator windings, is that the ‘insulation resistance’ between the three separate windings that make up the stator, goes down to very low levels.

How do I know if my stator or rectifier is bad?

First, the diode can burnout and cause the battery to drain. You won’t have any trouble diagnosing the faulty regulator rectifier if the battery is the cause. You’ll note signs right away like poor starts, fluctuating meter readings, and dimmed headlights. around 13 volts, the bike will start to drain the battery.

Can a bad stator cause overcharging?

Anything over 30vac is good. Yes the wires get ver very hot and this unfortunately is normal. If the connector between the R/R and the stator is not making a good connection then the wires can actually get hot enough to burn. It’s impossible for a stator output more voltage then it was designed to do.

Can a stator be repaired?

Stator Repairs

Just give us your failed stator, and our electrical experts will repair failed coils and components while troubleshooting any other potential issues.