Is it legal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?

The federal standard has no verbiage that we could find specifically addressing cameras on helmets. It does, however, contain the following mandate: … “You can’t alter the structure of the helmet,” Prouty told us. Now, using a strap to wrap a GoPro or other such device to the helmet seems to be allowed, he said.

Is it illegal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?

Once its structural integrity is compromised, the helmet wouldn’t qualify as an approved helmet and the rider’s safety would be at risk. … However, at this stage in New South Wales, it is still technically illegal to wear a GoPro or other such device on a motorcycle helmet.

These mean that permanently modifying the structure of the gear is illegal. Thankfully, that is not the only means of affixing a camera to your helmet.

Is wearing a GoPro illegal?

Currently it’s illegal because of the way it’s assumed that people mount them. By drilling holes etc. So they’ve now worked out that only dummies ruin the integrity of their expensive helmets, and most people use adhesive. But the law is still the law currently.

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Is it illegal to wear a GoPro on your motorcycle helmet in California?

Rigid projections outside any helmet’s shell shall be limited to those required for operation of essential accessories, and shall not protrude more than 0.20 inch (5 mm). So yes, any camera mounted rigidly mounted to the helmet, that projects more than 5mm from the helmet shell, is illegal.

Where is the best place to mount a GoPro camera on your motorcycle?

Mounting GoPro on Tail of the Motorcycle:

The majority of Motorcycle riders want to see their riding techniques or want to show it to others. In these cases, it’s good to mount the GoPro camera on the Motorcycle’s tail side. The spot helps you to get a stable mounting location for the riding experience.

Where should I mount my GoPro on my helmet?

One of the most common places to mount your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, and at the front of the helmet.

Why do motorcyclists wear cameras?

You’re Protected In Cases Of Road Rage

Things like this need to be recorded, and can prove your case should it come up. In some cases, even the mere sight of a helmet cam, can deter incidents of road rage — since they know you’re recording.

What states have no motorcycle helmet laws?

Still, only three states — Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire —have absolutely no helmet laws whatsoever. The majority of states have laws requiring helmet use for younger riders (and, in Colorado, younger passengers).

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What is the best GoPro camera for motorcycle riding?

Hero 8 Black. One of the most popular GoPro for motorcycle is the GoPro Hero 8 Black. The latest Hero 8 is probably the best option for moto vlogging. With tons of amazing shooting options, the hero 8 will capture your every stunt without losing its cool.

What’s the best motorcycle camera?

Best Motorbike Helmet Camera Comparison Chart

Camera FPS at 1080p Waterproof
GoPro Hero 7 60 Fully
Drift Ghost X 30 Showerproof
Akaso EK7000 60 Fully
Crosstour 4K/30fps Fully

Are helmet cameras dangerous?

In any situation where the camera could pivot to below the rim of the helmet, whether on long stalks or mounted right on the rim, any significant frontal impact (such as a fall onto a rock face or the ground) would force the camera into the face, resulting in serious facial injury.

How much is a no helmet ticket in New York?

No matter what the speed, helmeted riders are three times more likely to survive head injuries than those not wearing approved helmets at the time of the crash. Violations of the helmet law can lead to a fine of up to $100.

Can you have a GoPro on your helmet in New York City?

As we see from their inability to cite the statute or even find it on their own app, there is no NYC or state law prohibiting affixing something to a motorcycle helmet. … Or, move to a state where you don’t have to wear a helmet at all, like Colorado, and glue your GoPro to your head if you want.

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