Changes to the 2018 Starting Gate


Times ... They are a' Changin

The start times for the 10 mile ride this year are moving up a bit to 9:15.

In the past we have had a bit of congestion as the quickest of the 50 miler's hit the 10 mile route as they are coming back.  This change should alleviate a lot of this and make the ride a little less congested.


Motorcade for the Riders

Thanks to OC Sheriff, this year, each ride is going to be escorted out with full flashing lights in a motorcade to the trailhead.  

This way we don't have to close the streets and have less impact on the surrounding businesses. 

Also, it's pretty dang cool to get escorted around in a motorcade like you are the President!

Please note: If you are late to the party this year, you WILL be getting to the trailhead on open streets.  Please obey all traffic laws and stay safe.  Or better yet, just be early and maximize your fun time!


YOU Pick the Starting Song

Last year we sent you out to Kickstart My Heat by Motley Crue.  

This year, you get to pick the starting song!  We will be putting up a poll on Facebook and you pick the jam.  

If you want to nominate a song, email us, comment on the Facebook post, or comment on this article below and we'll give you all the good options to choose from closer to the event.