Your question: How do I make sure my dirt bike is not stolen?

For those who do not know what the VIN number of a dirt bike is, it is a 17-digit number that helps you to know if the used dirt bike is stolen or not, so you need to ask the seller for this number.

How do you check if your dirt bike is stolen?

How To Tell If A Dirt Bike Is Stolen: You Need To Know This

  1. To establish if a dirt bike has been stolen you need to run a check on the VIN number. …
  2. The VIN number will be stamped into the frame on the head stock of your dirt bike. …
  3. First compare the VIN number against the paper work, this is the Dirt Bike Title if you live in the US, or logbook for UK residents.

How do I know if my motocross bike is not stolen?

BikeChecker is a FREE service for people purchasing a second-hand bike, which allows you to check that the bike is not listed as stolen on the BikeRegister Database. Enter a frame number or unique BikeRegister ID below, and click on the magnifying glass.

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How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen?

Here are some dirt bike theft prevention tips to keep you from becoming a victim.

  1. Never let your dirt bike out of sight. This rule of course applies to when your bike is not locked. …
  2. Lock it up! Lock your dirt bike up on the trailer, in the back of the truck, even in your garage. …
  3. Get a Moto Van. …
  4. Be Vigilant. …
  5. Get Insurance.

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How do you make sure a motorcycle is not stolen?

To tell if a motorcycle is stolen, you can have your local DMV run a VIN inspection, use online VIN inspection databases, contact your insurance and have them search their database, contact shops where the owner supposedly had the motorcycle serviced, notice any hesitancy from the seller, and see if the situation is …

How do I check if a motorcycle is stolen by the VIN number?

There are several ways to accomplish this task.

  1. Take the VIN numbers to your local police station. …
  2. Enter the VIN numbers in the VINCheck tool provided on the National Insurance Crime Bureau website. …
  3. Run the VIN numbers through an online commercial VIN-check service such as, or

What happens if you buy a stolen dirt bike?

The biggest danger of buying used dirt bikes is that they might be stolen, and if you buy them stolen, you can be accused by the police for theft of property which can complicate you, especially if you have no proof that you are not guilty.

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Can you look up a bike serial number?

You can do this by using websites like Bike Register and Bike Index, as their mission is to help bicycle owners like you track down their stolen bikes. It’s also easy to use their website and do a bike serial number lookup. You just need to enter your serial number in the search bar and wait for the results to pop up.

How can I tell how old my bike is?

1. Check the Serial Number. The obvious starting point to find the date a bike was made is the serial number. Serial numbers are stamped onto the bike during the manufacturing process.

What happens if you buy a stolen bike?

Stolen is stolen. The vehicle will be confiscated. Unless you can show correct paperwork proving your purchase was in good faith, and you have receipts, contact information for the seller, and are willing to identify them and if necessary testify against that person, they will assume you stole the item.

What are the chances of recovering a stolen motorcycle?

When it comes to getting a stolen motorcycle returned to its original owner, the success rate is not nearly as high as it is for vehicles. In 2012, the rate of return for stolen vehicles reached 53.9 percent, while only 39 percent of bikes were recovered after being stolen.

What motorcycles are stolen the most?

Most stolen motorcycle makes in the United States in 2019

Number of thefts
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 8,122
Yamaha Motor Corporation 6,495
Harley Davidson, Inc. 4,737
American Suzuki Motor Corporation 4,686
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How easy is it to steal a motorcycle?

It’s very easy to steal a motorcycle, especially a lightweight sportbike. Fork locks and even disk locks won’t do much if two guys come and pick up your motorcycle.

How do police track stolen cars?

After you have filed a police report for the stolen vehicle, you simply contact the Stolen Vehicle Monitoring center via the InControl Remote app and provide them with the police report number. The center will then work directly with the police to track the vehicle via GPS.

How do I check if a VIN is clean?

Checking VIN for Theft and Fraud Records. With your VIN in hand, go to the NICB website. This is the “free VIN Check service” provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and issues free reports “on cars that have current records of theft” or “have an outstanding title brand”.

How do you tell if a bike is stolen?

Check the serial number

The serial number can be checked within databases like Bike Index or Bike Register, so if the bike has been registered as stolen you can then take steps to involve the police. If the serial number has been filed off or covered in any way, this is also a sure sign that the bike was stolen.