You asked: Is KTM 390 a good bike?

The KTM Duke 390 is a beast of a motorcycle. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, yet it has the torque you need to make it fun on the streets and safe on the freeway. It might just be in the top 5 best beginner motorcycles out there.

Is KTM 390 reliable?

While the KTM 390 Duke has seen great success in its 20 months of use, there are a few points that demand attention. Within the first 515 miles, I had an issue with the engine temperature skyrocketing and warning lights illuminating while on a commute home from work.

How fast does a KTM 390 go?

Motorcycle Consumer News tested the 390 Duke’s top speed to be 167.4 km/h (104.0 mph), with acceleration from 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 5.53 seconds, and 0 to 1⁄4 mi (0.00 to 0.40 km) in 14.02 seconds at 147.87 km/h (91.88 mph).

Is KTM RC390 worth buying?

This bike is really amazing and it’s look is very attractive and It’s all features are good. mileage is 27 km/l. this bike is racing bike and max speed is very high this bike is suitable for It’s price , in this bike a new technology was applied this bike ktm RC 390 has a good quality tyre’s. It depends upon you.

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Is the KTM RC 390 A good beginner bike?

Yes, it’s a “beginner bike,” but definitely has room for a higher skill ceiling than other starter bikes. Riding the RC390 was a blast and it’s officially become my favorite beginner bike.

Are KTM engines reliable?

KTM engines are reliable as much, if not better. However, the major reason for KTM Duke 390 engine issues are excessive heat and poor dissipation methods used.

Is KTM Duke 390 good for off road?

Yes duke 390 is good for off road but you need to change your tyres to go for off road… Yes with proper gears it will be amazing. The Duke is an off roader bike by birth.

Why is Dominar 400 so cheap?

For the above reasons, Bajaj has shod the new Dominar 400 with MRF sourced Revz C1 tyres which are considerably cheaper than the Metzelers and play a key role in keeping the sticker price low while offering better longevity.

Being relatively light at 149kg, the 390 Duke was easy to maneuver through Metro Manila traffic. … The 390 Duke is expressway-legal. It is registered as a 400cc bike, which is the minimum displacement needed for you to take a two-wheel vehicle on a high-speed highway. In fact, I tried it out on SLEX and the Skyway.

Is KTM Duke 390 a superbike?

5) Best Design in its Class: New KTM 390 Duke comes with the best available design around its segment. The overall expressions are sharp and one would even notice the superbike inspired tail section of the motorcycle.

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Is KTM worth the money?

They are not overrated. KTM introduced us to performance levels that were unseen and unheard of previously in India. For their asking price they provide amazing engine performance and handling. In fact, there are few bikes in their respective segments that can challenge the KTMs when it comes to handling.

How can I increase the top speed of my KTM RC 390?

If you got KTM Duke/RC 390, you can easily increase the top speed by replace the sprocket from Duke/RC 200 sprocket. This won’t go wrong. Because both are KTM bikes ,same quality. This change will increase the top speed of 390’s top speed from 179 up to 186.

What is the price of KTM 390?

KTM RC 390 is priced at Rs. 2.53 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Is RC 390 good for long rides?

If you have majorly city commute, go for Duke 390, It will definitely be a wonderful bike for you. If you regularly plan for touring, go for Duke 390. It will take you places where the RC 390 might simply not, thanks to its easy handling. If you want to go for Track days, go for RC 390, You will love it.

Which is better Duke 390 or RC 390?

Comparison between these bikes have been carried out to help users make correct buying decision between KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC 390.

390 Duke vs RC 390 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights 390 Duke RC 390
Price ₹ 2,71,155 ₹ 2,61,229
Capacity 373.2 cc 373 cc
Power 42.9 bhp @ 9000 rpm 42.9 bhp
Economy 25 kmpl 27 kmpl
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How much CC is KTM RC 390?

The KTM RC 390 is powered by a 373.3 cc air-cooled engine which produces of power. It has a fuel tank of 9.5 L and a . The KTM RC 390 starts at Rs 2.60 Lakh Rs (ex-showroom, Delhi).