What power mode did Bosch’s e MTB update replace?

What is eMTB mode?

The eMTB mode essentially replaces the current Sport mode, and is capable of adapting itself to the rider and the route on-the-fly. … Instead of the former Sport pedal-assist that resulted in 210% of the rider’s exertion, this can now vary between 120% and 300%.

Can I upgrade my Bosch eBike motor?

No new or additional hardware is required – the motor simply needs to be plugged into a laptop and new software installed – and best of all, it works with all Gen 4 Bosch motors, so if you’ve already got a Bosch-equipped e-bike, you too can enjoy the new upgrade.

How do I update my Bosch eBike firmware?

  1. Switch on your on-board computer.
  2. In the Status screen, press the centre button that can be found on the Remote Compact control unit.
  3. Now, using the + and – buttons on the Remote Compact control unit, select the menu item “My eBike”.
  4. Then select the menu item “Components”.
  5. Under “Kiox”, you’ll see the software versions.

What is MTB mode?

Called the E-MTB mode, it’s a variable power mode that delivers a power percentage in an almost S-curve configuration, where power ramps up from 120% exponentially before it then peters out to its maximum 300% power. This is all gauged off sensors in the system and the power you are putting in with your pedalling.

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How do I update my KIOX display?

Tip: Once the file has been completely transferred to Kiox, the update can be started manually in “Settings” > “System Preferences” > “Software Update”. Switch on Kiox. A message about a new software version appears on the display. Follow the instructions to update Kiox.

How much faster is an eBike?

In line with EU regulation, the e-bike motor will help you get up to 25 kmh (15.5 mph). If you want to go faster than this, the motor will cut out and you’ll need pure pedal power from your own legs.

How do you reset a Bosch electric bike?

To reset the battery management system, do the following:

  1. Remove the battery from the battery mount.
  2. Press and hold the On/Off button on the battery for 10 seconds.
  3. The battery management system should now be reset. Re-install the battery and turn on the bike.

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How do you reset a Bosch Purion?

To change units from miles to kilometers, hold the – key and tap the Power button. To reset trip distance, hold the – key and hold the + key for a couple of seconds. To activate lights (if they are wired in), hold the + button for a few seconds.