What is static sag on a dirt bike?

Static Sag or “Race” Sag is the amount the bike compresses from fully extended, with the rider on board. Here’s how to measure it the Race Tech way. It is a little different than how you may have done it before but is more accurate and consistent.

What is static sag?

1 Static sag is a measure of how much your bike settles on its suspension with you on board. We generally recommend the Race-Tech method of measuring sag, which takes into account any stiction in the suspension components. … 2 Put on your regular riding gear and hop on your bike, assuming your normal riding position.

How do you put a static sag on a dirt bike?

To change the sag, use a long punch and a large hammer to loosen the spring locking nut on the shock. 4. Then, turn the spring with your hand to adjust the rear spring preload. Make sure that when you’re turning the spring, the preload nut is also turning.

How do I know if I have static sag?

To measure static sag, take your first measurement with your bike on its stand, just as you do when you set your race sag. Get an accurate measurement from your rear axle upward (at a slight angle in the direction the rear wheel’s arc) to the junction between the fender and side panel.

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How much sag should a dirt bike have?

The correct amount is approximately 33% of the bikes total available travel, usually between 95-115mm on full size bikes. The correct amount varies because of bike geometry, rider preference, and type of riding. The rider sag should be set with the rider in full gear.

Should front and rear sag be the same?

A general rule of thumb is that the front sag should be about 30-35% of travel, while the back should be at about 25%. That works out to be 30-40mm at the front and 25-35mm at the back, for most bikes. You adjust the sag by adjusting the preload.

Should I lower my dirt bike?

Do not over lower you bike just so that you can touch the ground better. Yes, touching the ground is important but not as important as ground clearance. Ideally being able to touch with the balls of your feet is very comfortable but it all goes back to what type of riding you plan on doing.

How much is a SAG rear shock motorcycle?

For a rear shock, the difference ideally should not be more than 5mm. Typical sag figures for the rear will be about 25-30mm for track riding.

What is sag measurement?

What Is Sag? In the simplest sense, your bike’s sag is a ride-height measurement. It’s the starting point for how tall or squatted the rear end of your bike will feel when you take it onto the track or trail. The importance of the sag has to do with the balance of the bike in action.

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How much sag is trail riding?

The amount of recommended sag will vary depending on the type of bike that you ride. Typically, enduro/trail bikes fall between 25% – 35% recommended sag, while downhill bikes can be up to 40% recommended sag.