Question: How do you get into Leadville 100 MTB?

How do I join Leadville 100?

Registration for the Leadville Trail 100 must be completed and paid for immediately. For the 2021 Qualifiers, riders may elect to race in the Leadville Trail 100 for 2021 or defer until 2022. Registration will happen onsite for either year and payment will be assessed for 2021 or 2022.

How hard is the Leadville 100 MTB?

The Leadville 100 MTB is a challenging and humbling race for even the most fit riders. … The official cut-off time for the race is 12 hours and because the race is at altitudes between 10,200 and 12,600 feet, many riders need every bit of that 12 hours—including me.

How much does Leadville 100 cost?

takes place, the GROUP NAME will be the name entered in the drawing. If the group name is selected, every member of the group will be accepted and automatically charged the $450 registration fee (100MTB) + applicable processing fees, or $335 registration fee (100 Run) + applicable processing fees.

How long does it take to run the Leadville 100?

First run in 1983, the race course climbs and descends 15,600 feet (4,800 m), with elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,620 feet (2,800–3,850 m). In most years, fewer than half the starters complete the race within the 30-hour time limit.

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Is Leadville 100 Cancelled?

As you know, we had to make the very hard decision to cancel all of our 2020 Leadville Race Series events that take place in the city of Leadville. We sure missed having you in Leadville this summer, but we’re excited to get rolling on our 2021 race season.

Where does Leadville 100 start?

The race is run on a 50-mile (80 km) out and back course, starting and finishing in downtown Leadville, Colorado, United States, at 10,200 ft (3,100 m) elevation. Major climbs include an over 3,000 feet (910 m) ascent from miles 40–50 to the Columbine mine, Powerline at mile 80, and St Kevins at mile 86.

How do you train for a 100 mile mountain bike?

So You Want to Race 100 Miles on a Mountain Bike? Start Here

  1. Do Your Research. With many races I do, the course is kept secret until the night before the race. …
  2. Make a Plan, Get a Coach. …
  3. How to Choose an MTB Race Coach. …
  4. Allow Yourself At Least 4-5 Weeks to Train. …
  5. Rest Days Are Mandatory. …
  6. Nutrition. …
  7. Get Mountain Bike Gear That Will Last. …
  8. Race Day: Set Specific, Tangible Goals.

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How technical is Leadville 100?

Consisting mostly of fire roads, the out-and-back course isn’t technical. The challenge is in elevation and constant climbing. With proper preparation, even weekend warriors can make it to the finish line under the 12-hour mark to earn the coveted Leadville 100 belt buckle.