Is Martha’s Vineyard bike friendly?

Recreational and young cyclists will find wonderful sights on any number of the 44 miles of down-Island bike trails, including Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs to Edgartown, or any combination within those three main port towns and beyond. This route is mostly flat and easier for children, as well as adults.

How long does it take to bike around Martha’s Vineyard?

At three miles one-way, this Martha’s Vineyard biking route makes a great day trip for beginning bikers (plus exercise is always better with the promise of a lazy afternoon at the beach).

What’s the best way to get around Martha’s Vineyard?

Walk. The most popular way to get around the island is simply walking. All three of the main port towns on the island—Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown—are easily walkable, giving you the opportunity to stop and admire anytime you want.

Are there bears on Martha’s Vineyard?

Both groups of Vineyard and Arctic bears have more in common than you might realize. For the past 62 years, the Polar Bears of Martha’s Vineyard have staked out what they see as hallowed ground on the beach.

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How many miles around is Martha’s Vineyard?

226,6 км²

Where do you get the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard?

In the summer season, passenger-only ferry service is available from the ports of Falmouth and Hyannis on the Cape and traveling to Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. Fast ferry service, also for passengers only, is available from New York, NY, Quonset Point, RI and New Bedford, MA.

Where does the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard leave from?

Ferries depart from Falmouth Harbor, Woods Hole and Hyannis Harbor to Martha’s Vineyard, and ferries to Nantucket depart from Hyannis Harbor. While the Woods Hole to Martha’s Vineyard ferry can accommodate cars, there’s no need to take a car.

Do I need a car on Martha’s Vineyard?

It’s true, Martha’s Vineyard is an Island located off the south shores of Cape Cod. … With no bridge or connected road, you can’t drive here, so travel via air or sea is the only way to arrive.

What is the best town to stay in Martha’s Vineyard?

If you’re after the quintessential New England harbor with picture perfect houses and picket fences then go no further than Edgartown. It’s also the best place to head if you want to increase your chances in life of bumping into David Letterman.

Where should I eat in Martha’s Vineyard?

Find the Best Restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard

  • #1. The Barn Bowl & Bistro. #1 of 49 Places to Eat in Oak Bluffs. …
  • #2. Back Door Donuts. #2 of 49 Places to Eat in Oak Bluffs. …
  • #3. The Red Cat Kitchen. …
  • #1. Among The Flowers Cafe. …
  • #1. Larsen’s Fish Market. …
  • #1. Artcliff Diner. …
  • #2. Menemsha Fish Market. …
  • #4. Linda Jean’s Restaurant.
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What celebrities live on Martha’s Vineyard?

They now join a long list of high-profile people, like Jackie Kennedy and 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace, who have called the island home. Martha’s Vineyard is also a popular vacation spot among the wealthy — Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry David have all been spotted spending time there.

Why is Martha’s Vineyard so expensive?

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce estimates that during the winter there are 15,000 people living on the island and 115,000 during the summer. Running a business is expensive because taxes, rent and utilities have to be paid for 12 months a year, even if customers don’t show up for 9 of those months.

What is so special about Martha’s Vineyard?

Island Flavors from Island Farms

For an island with such coveted real estate, the Vineyard retains an impressive cache of agricultural land, thanks to forward-thinking groups like the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank. There are about three dozen produce farms, cheese makers, a mushroom farm, and even pastured cattle.