Is Apollo a good brand of bike?

This is one of the most popular dirt bikes Apollo has made and is a good beginners bike as well as being fun for more experienced riders. These bikes are excellent and even if you already own a big brand dirt bike then many people have played on these.

Are Apollo motorcycles any good?

Apollo dirt bikes will optimally serve you in performance as they are powerful and durable. They will also impress you with their fair price. While you may not get everything from a single Apollo dirt bike, you will be happy to ride one. Out there are so many options of these bikes.

Who makes Apollo Dirtbikes?

bicycle, and established Israel company : KOONZ-APOLLO. Established US company : APOLLO MOTOR USA. be the largest export quantity company in China off road bike business area. HYENA brand registered successfully in 138 countries.

Where is Apollo bikes made?

In Australia, the Apollo bike company has been manufacturing bicycles for the Australian and international markets for 35 years. They use their own in-house technology to design and test their bikes. Apollo bicycles typically feature alloy frames and chromoly steel forks and Shimano gears.

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Is Apollo Halfords own brand?

Halfords’ own cycling brands include Apollo, Carrera and Boardman cycles, augmented by a range of other brands of cycles and accessories, including Kona, Mongoose, Raleigh and Pinarello.

What’s the best Chinese dirt bike?

  • #1 TAO Dirt Bike DB10.
  • #2 TAO Dirt Bike DB14.
  • #3 Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike.
  • #4 Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike Small Motorbike Semi-Automatic.
  • #5 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike.
  • #6 X-Pro Hawk 250CC Dirt Bike.
  • #7 SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike.

What is the fastest Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo DB-X18 – 125cc Dirt Bike

Its top speed is 55mph, and you can expect a good pace on the street and minor trails. The bike has a four-speed manual clutch transmission. The front and back brakes use hydraulic discs to bring the bike to a stop.

What is the best Apollo dirt bike?

Best Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews

  • Apollo DB-x18 Dirt Bike- Apollo 125cc DB x18 Dirt Bike Reviews. …
  • Apollo AGB-36 250cc Dirt Bike- Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review. …
  • DB25 – Best Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike Reviews. …
  • AGB 37 – Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review. …
  • DB34 – Best Apollo 110cc Dirt Bike Reviews.

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Do Apollo dirt bikes come with titles?

Street legal bikes come with the MCO/Title attached to the seat except Apollo & Lifan. Non street legal bikes, you must request your MCO/Title when you recieve your bike at the links below.

Are Tao dirt bikes good?

TaoTao is one brand that brings you the best taotao dirt bike in different designs and colors. Taotao dirt bikes are also high quality and affordable.

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What is Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo is a company know for pushing the limits on design and performance on pit bikes and dirt bikes. Since 2005 they have produced a great, inexpensive alternative to the high priced, brand name bikes. They have a unique style all there own and provide a lot of bang for the buck.

What size road bike should I buy?

Road bike size chart

Height (inches) Height (cm) Frame Size (cm)
5’3″ – 5’5″ 160 – 165 50 – 52 (Small)
5’5″ – 5’7″ 160 – 165 52 – 54 (Small – Medium)
5’7″ – 5’9″ 170 – 175 54 – 56 (Medium)
5’9″ – 5’11” 175 – 180 56 – 58 (Medium – Large)

Who makes Carrera bikes for Halfords?

Carrera is a brand sold in the UK by Halfords, but the very same bikes, albeit in different colour schemes and branding, are sold all over the World. Often in the equivalent of Halfords type shops. In Spain they are branded as Merida. I know this as I have seen identical frames in the two brands.

Who is Halfords owned by?

As of 2018, there are 314 autocentres in the United Kingdom.

Halfords Autocentre.

Type Private
Operating income £7.5m (2009)
Number of employees 1500
Parent Halfords (since 2010)

Is Carrera bikes owned by Halfords?

Carrera bikes are sold exclusively by Halfords and sit between the budget Apollo range, and the premium Boardman and Voodoo bikes. The Carrera range’s emphasis is on value, with good specs and no bike priced above £600.

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Is cross a good bike brand?

The Cross mountain bike is still responsive, attractive and a good choice for complete novices.