How do I change my MTB to Zwift?

Can I use my mountain bike on Zwift?

You can ride Zwift on your mountain bike

You can ride Zwift with a basic turbo trainer, but you’ll need Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors to power your avatar. … To set your bike up on the trainer you should lock-out your suspension and set your saddle height as if you are riding uphill.

How do I get MTB Zwift?

Steer your way onto the blue, keep of the X’s, and you’ll get a full star for each section. To unlock the Zwift mountain bike, you must complete the trail in under 12 minutes, 30 seconds AND get at least 9 out of 10 stars.

How do I change my bike on Zwift?

When riding in Zwift, click/tap anywhere to bring up the menu button. One the right, you’ll see four icons. Click/tap on the CUSTOMIZE icon, the one with an image of a kit and bicycle.

Can I put my mountain bike on a trainer?

Though expensive, direct-drive trainers are often the easiest to use with a mountain bike. The rear axle attaches directly to the turbo trainer and many provide a range of axle options including most regular mountain bike setups through removable endcaps, so you can fit your mountain bike to the trainer.

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Does it matter what bike you use on Zwift?

1. Your bike! Most people use a 11 or 12-speed road bike for indoor riding, but a mountain bike, gravel bike, or hybrid bike that is compatible with your trainer will do the trick.

How do you level up fast in Zwift?

8 Ways to Earn More XP and Level Up Faster on Zwift

  1. #1: Ride New Routes. …
  2. #2: Ride a TT Bike. …
  3. #3: Ride Flat Routes. …
  4. #4: Use Metric, Not Imperial. …
  5. #5: Participate In Group Rides. …
  6. #6: Hack Your Workout. …
  7. #7: Enjoy the Downhills. …
  8. #8: Earn Achievement Badges.

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How do you steer on Zwift?

If you’ve paired your Elite Sterzo Smart, FutureWorks Steering will be automatically enabled for all rides, including events. Look for the “Steering Enabled” icon at the bottom-right while you are in-game.

Is Zwift free to use?

How much does Zwift cost? Initially, it’s free; though long term, sadly not. You can get a free seven-day trial if you register for a Zwift account online, but after your trial period ends it costs £12.99 / $14.99 per month to continue using it.

How do I change my mid rider bike on Zwift?

It involves these simple steps:

  1. Stop pedaling.
  2. Hit “A” to bring up the pairing screen, which also applies the brakes on your rider.
  3. As your rider slows to a stop, hit “OK” to close the pairing screen, and hit “T” to bring up your garage.
  4. Select your bike, then start pedaling.
  5. Hit OK to return to the game.
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Can you ride any course on Zwift?

By default, riders enter the course listed on the course schedule on any given day. However, it is possible to ride any course on any day, but this feature is not officially supported by Zwift. To switch courses open the Zwift directory – usually Documents/Zwift on a PC/Mac.

What is the best bike on Zwift?

Fastest Bike Frames and Wheels at Each Zwift Level

Level Fastest Frame Fastest Wheelset
1 Zwift Carbon (Free) Zwift 32mm Carbon (Free)
4 ENVE SES 3.4 (191,700)
5 Specialized Tarmac SL7 (674,500)* Roval CLX64 (170,400)
6 Zwift Aero (319,500) DT Swiss ARC 62 (184,600)

Do trainers damage your bike?

While the “riding on a trainer will damage your carbon frame” myth has been officially busted, indoor riding can still pose a threat to your bike in two ways: wheel strain and sweat corrosion. We’ve put together an exhaustive list of common trouble spots reported by riders who train regularly on Zwift.

Do bike trainers wear out tires?

Does a bike trainer wear out your tire? Yes. Unfortunately, a bike trainer will wear out your rear bicycle tire more quickly than bicycling on the road or a similar flat surface. You can even see this damage in the debris the trainer leaves behind on the floor.

Can I turn my mountain bike into a stationary bike?

However, any bicycle, including a mountain bike, can be converted into a stationary exercise bike. If you are an avid mountain biker and want to remain in shape during the off-season, you can exercise on your mountain bike indoors safely and effectively by converting it into a stationary exercise bicycle.

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