Can Halfords order any bike?

Can I order a bike from Halfords?

Products: You can order online on 24/7 and have your order delivered to you. You can order online on 24/7 and arrange for your order to be delivered to a local store. You can visit a local store and ask the colleague to direct you to the product you are looking for.

Does Halfords do part exchange bikes?

From now until 15th October, 370 Halfords stores nationwide will accept trade-in bikes. “[Halfords] can’t accept bikes with bent or cracked frames, as well as bikes that are over 25 percent rust or are missing wheels,” said a Re~Cycle statement. …

Are Halfords part of the cycle to work scheme?

Through the Cycle2Work scheme you can only redeem adult bikes and cycling accessories that you will be using yourself. … Bike repair and maintenance plans such as Halfords cycle care.

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How does Halfords Cycle to Work scheme work?

Cycle2Work is part of a government initiative that encourages more people to commute by bike, enabling people to make healthier choices and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. This scheme is run via salary sacrifice, allowing employees to make savings of up to 47% on the cost of a new bike and accessories.

Is Halfords closing down?

Halfords has confirmed plans to close up to 60 stores and garages by April, as it accelerates its plans to withdraw from one in 10 of its sites. The cycle and car parts retailer said it hoped to move staff to other branches, but the closures could lead to hundreds of job losses.

Is cycling good for weight loss?

Biking for Weight Loss: 4 Effective Strategies to Try. Bike riding is an excellent cardio workout. It can help boost your heart and lung health, improve your blood flow, build muscle strength, and lower your stress levels. On top of that, it can also help you burn fat, torch calories, and lose weight.

Do Halfords sell second hand bikes?

halfords bike – Second Hand Bikes, Buy and Sell | Preloved.

What can I do with old bikes?

If you’d rather donate your bicycle, that’s a viable option, even if it’s not in the best condition. Look for local, non-profit programs that accept bicycles for reuse. In New York City, you can donate your bike to Bike New York’s Recycle-a-Bicycle program; they will refurbish donated bicycles or parts and sell them.

Do bike shops do part exchange?

Just bring your bike into any Cycles UK store and we will give you a valuation for it. If you’ve got a bike with resale value you can get up to 25% off a new bike.

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Is the cycle scheme worth it?

However, it is still widely used and, according to national cycling charity Cycling UK, very worth it. Sam Jones at Cycling UK told us: “We’re absolutely pro the Cycle to Work scheme – you make a saving, it helps people spread the cost out over time, and it helps employers and employees think about cycling.”

Can you have 2 bikes on cycle scheme?

Yes! If you would like to get two bikes you certainly can – as long as they are both suitable and safe for you to ride, and your total doesn’t exceed your scheme’s maximum limit.

How much do you pay at the end of cycle to work?

At the end of the hire period, Bike to Work Ltd will contact employees to discuss the options available. The most attractive option for employees will be to pay a small, refundable deposit (3% or 7% of the equipment value*) and continue to use the bicycle for an extended period of up to 36 months.

Do you own the bike on the cycle to work scheme?

It’s true that your employer pays for the bike and that, during the salary sacrifice period, you are hiring the bike from them. However, the bike is very much yours to use and in your care. Once you pay your ownership fee (usually 3 or 7% of its original value) the bike will become yours in due course.

Does the cycle to work scheme cost the employer anything?

Does the scheme cost anything for an Employer to implement? The scheme is free of charge to set up and costs nothing to run. The Employer makes the initial purchase and then leases the bike/equipment to the Employee via a salary sacrifice, until the full amount is recovered.

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How long does it take to get a bike on cycle to work scheme?

The cycle to work scheme usually takes 3-14 days from application to redemption. The length of time it takes to go from doing your application to getting your bike and/or accessories can vary; many employees can collect their cycle to work packages directly after being approved.