Mad Moose to Photograph Ride for Rwanda

Mad Moose Media has been named the official event photographer for the 2017 Ride for Rwanda.  The event is scheduled for April 29th, 2017 in Rancho Santa Margarita. Mad Moose is excited to be participating in this year’s event. Mad Moose Media’s motto is “Capturing your Moment” and strives to … Read More

The Grand Prize Bike Is Here!

*Pic from 2014 Shimano and Santa Cruz Bicycles are teaming up this year to bring you a killer, customized grand prize bike this year!  Here are the details: Santa Cruz is providing the frame for this year’s bike, and the winner gets to choose from the following frames:   Shimano … Read More

The Rwanda Ride: Virtual Experience

For those looking for the ultimate in posh experience at the Ride for Rwanda event this year, we have added a new feature. We now have a stable of riders (Bike Valets) that will ride the entire ride for you!  No more getting dirty and sweaty for you!  They will … Read More

Help Us Spread the Word

Our event grows every year thanks to the “grassroots” efforts of our volunteers and sponsors. We’ve got some awesome event flyers and posters this year (great design by our friends at Westamerica Communications). Pick up a flyer at your favorite local bike shop – we’re spreading them all over town! Better yet, PRINT … Read More

Gear List for an Epic Ride Like The Ride for Rwanda

Carry AT LEAST two extra tubes.  This way, if you get a flat or two, you’re covered.  And if you see a Rwanda Rider in need, you’ve got them covered too! Regardless of what bike you’re riding, consider carrying an additional 27.5in tube. Why? Because in a jam, a ‘tweener’ tube works … Read More

Rwanda Ride Tips from Coach Craig

The Rwanda Ride is just around the corner. I have been asked by many “how do I prepare for this endurance ride?” Well, the single smartest thing you can do is increase your single day ride hours. By doing this, you will learn about how you, your bike, and the … Read More

How to Train for the 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

Share this Post So you’ve decided to attempt the 50 Mile Ride.  That’s AWESOME!  And for a great cause.  Maybe this is your first time hitting a big distance, or maybe you’ve done it before and want it to hurt a little less.  Wherever you are in your cycling journey, … Read More

Qhubeka Info: 700 Bikes this year

Qhubeka Last year we had an opportunity to utilize a new bike providing parter in Qhubeka and were able to deliver 700 bikes to Eritrea!  This is an increase in over 450 extra bikes that will now be changing the lives of the less fortunate.  We are absolutely amazed and … Read More

Help Us get to $1,000,000 Raised this Year!

You have been at this with us for 11 years – changing peoples’ lives in Rwanda an surrounding communities for the better. Thank you!!! This year, we are projected to break the $1,000,000 mark for funds raised over the last 11 years. Due to your amazing hearts, the countless hours … Read More

We Have Changed Our Name… Slightly

All of you old school guys and gals know that 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda was always called “The Rwanda Ride” by nearly everyone. This year, as we looked back on where we have been and where we are going, we realized how big this event has become and all … Read More