About us

You’re invited to join our Annual “Rwanda Ride”

What began as a 50th birthday ride in 2006, has evolved into one of the largest mountain bike events in Southern California.

What makes this ride different?

First of all, our event is a “ride”, not a race. Riders participate for a lot of reasons: some for the challenge of riding further on a mountain bike than ever before, some because they love the Rwanda cause, some for the fun of sharing the day with all of their riding buddies. Second, our event is a fundraiser. We’ve raised over $1.25 million since we started our annual event in 2006. These funds are helping provide bikes for impoverished school children and caregivers, and we’re supporting continental cycling teams that inspire the next generation of young African cyclists.

Will you join us?

Our Rwanda Ride provides riders, sponsors, and their families an opportunity to make a real difference just by doing something they already love doing. Last year we had 1200+ participants – and we want to break that record this year.



Team Rwanda Cycling (now called Team Africa Rising) began in 2007 and has exponentially grown the sport of cycling in Rwanda. Over the years they’ve assembled a team of professional cyclists who now race competitively on the international stage. In so doing, they’ve become strong ambassadors for Rwanda – and are providing hope and inspiration to thousands of young athletes in Africa and around the world.


Rugged utility bikes are providing a way for children in remote villages in Eritrea, South Africa, and Rwanda to attend school and get an education that will help them rise above poverty. Together, you’ve helped us deliver over 1800 utility bikes into Africa so far! We source our bikes through Qhubeka, an African non-profit that seeks to mobilize people through the Power of Bicycles. Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to carry on”, “to progress”, “to move forward.”